Anne Ching is a voice for change within her local school board

A campaign for equity in sonoma schools

school board campaign branding design

Strategic Branding Design, social media Design, Marketing collateral

Sonoma County, CA needed a progressive School Board leader in the aftermath of the pandemic’s impact on students. Enter: Anne Ching. With a background in engineering and years of experience as a parent in the Sonoma school district, Anne was unlike other candidates and wanted change.


Anne Ching for Change's

Anne Ching, a school board candidate campaigning on change, needed a visual expression of her passion for equity in Sonoma schools. She entered the campaign trail with progressive ideas and needed design that would stand out from the rest. Her experience as a parent, her deep ties to the Latinx community and her advocacy for excellence in education made her a candidate for the people.



Drawing inspiration from other female political campaigns, we worked with the Anne Ching Team to develop a winning brand and collateral to match. With a solid brand identity we rolled out the works; campaign website, signage, outdoor advertising, email campaigns, social media graphics and more. Anne even rode a bike trailer decorated with campaign signage around her district to get the word out. The brand we created communicated her personable and passionate nature, ultimately winning her race!



Anne ching   winning candidate

"Club Meetup is a talented force and created a fresh, eye-catching design for my election campaign in a local school board race. Brit quickly developed a theme for all of my campaign collateral - banners, yard signs, website and social media – which embodied a bold message for change. She works quickly and is versatile in all media forms from print, social to digital."

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