NYT is Daring Greatly through international storytelling

evoking emotion through global news

Photo: Tomas Munita/ The New York Times

The New York Times Event branding

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The New York Times is a global institution which delivers content to millions of people around the world. Founded in 1851, NYT is one of the oldest news sources in circulation. NYT's reporting on breaking news stories, which expand readers’ views of the world, has created cultural change across the nation.



Photo: Uriel Sinai/ The New York Times

The New York Times needed an emotion evoking, simple and meaningful identity for their Global Advertising Summit. An event at which NYT employees come together, from across the globe, to get aligned for their year ahead. To move onto a new year it was imperative to shine light on the year past.



Photo: Sergey Ponomarev/ The New York Times

We created a highly responsive Identity for The New York Times’ Global Advertising Summit. This identity centers around the fact that NYT plays a huge role in how global news is framed. A simple framing device was used, in this responsive logo, which reacts to NYT photography from that year’s major happenings.



Iconic photos, from NYT in 2016, are used to illustrate the event’s title, “Dare Greatly”. These photos capture people around the globe showing remarkable bravery. The event’s logo creates focus on these subjects that are daring greatly. The responsive logo also represents the methods in which readers consume The Times. Whether via, mobile, on desktop, in app or with a newspaper, NYT adapts to bring news to readers in many ways.

Photos in Video: 1. Alyssa Schukar/The New York Times,   2. Leon Neal/Agence France-Presses,   3.Daniel Ochoa De Olza/Associated Press,   4. Chang W. Lee/The New York Times,   5. First Thought Films / Zeitgeist Films,   6. Nicole Craine/ The New York Times,   7. Jodi Hilton/ The New York Times,   8. Sergey Ponomarev/ The New York Times

Interstitial Video for Event Speakers

PHOTO CREDITS: 1. Alyssa Schukar for The New York Times,  2. Doug Mills/The New York Time,  3. Chang W. Lee/The New York Times,  4. Katie Orlinsky/ The New York Times

Branded Event Materials

CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Michael Villaseñor, Mark Borden - ADDITIONAL DESIGNERS: Laura Dykas, Jessica Sanders

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